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What's New ¿Hablas español?

spanish material available

Books and worship material now available in Spanish at Celtic Cove and Catholic Bookstore!

¿Hablas español? Celtic Cove is pleased to share that we now carry Spanish versions of many of our popular Catholic Books and devotional material for both children and adults.

Spanish Versions now Available

  • 1.

    Bilingual teaching material for the Quinceanera celebration and many more. Stop in to see our complete collection.

  • 2.

    Bibles and missals for both children and adults are available in Spanish.

  • 3.

    Celtic Cove and Catholic Bookstore carries an assortment of prayer cards, holy cards, and devotional material in Spanish.

  • 4.

    Music CDs and informational booklets on a variety of Catholic living topics are also available in Spanish.

Spanish Books and Devotional Material